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The Beginning

A small group of adventurers followed rumors of an ancient library at the bequest of Vellyk, the parties resident research and all around intellectual. Upon their arrival they found one of the most legendary of the libraries tomes had been stolen and the town had been besieged by strange tentacle monsters. A tiefling Contable requested their assistance in an investigation on both matters and soon the group uncovered a plot from a demon cult, but better yet they uncovered the true origins of the town. The site of the ancient library was infact the legendary home of Bael Turath, the ancient Tiefling civilization that had cursed its kin until the end of time.

After defeating the demon imposters the group found something else of interest. Markings on the crates of a jellygoblin ship eluded to the orgin of both the demons and they nefarious creatures, an organization that one of them had sworn to track down and put an end to…. The Cleanser’s of the Scale.

So a new journey begins, one in which an ancient war suddenly revisits the present and some of the heroes find it is better to hunt the past, before the past hunts you.

Home Page

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